Saturday, August 02, 2014

Heuer Autavia 11630MH

Just got my new Heuer watch in. It's the Autavia 11630MH ( minutes / hours bezel ). It has a black dial with a little less black registers, orange accents on the dial and bright ( almost fluo ) orange hands. For some reason the orange color on Heuer watches seems to be thé most difficult color to catch on camera. In the pictures it always looks more yellow than the bright orange it is in real. Even my new Nikon D5200 with Nikkor macro lens can not capture it.

I couldn't resist, again, to put a decomp bezel on the watch instead of the MH bezel. These decomp bezels are just fantastic, incredibly expensive but oh so nice.

For some reason most of the 11630 Heuer models seem to struggle in today's market. Reason might be the fact the big names like Jo Siffert, Derek Bell, Jochen Rindt and others never had one on their wrist. Ok, the Diver 100, the 11630P and the 11630GMT do pretty well.

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