Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Best motorcycle ever produced - part two

Today the " best bike ever produced " post I did a while ago crossed my mind again. In fact I am not too sure anymore about my pick back then. Well, of course the Norton Manx is a fantastic bike but it's not really one you would take out every day for a little spin. And would you take it to the race track? I think not.

So if I could take another shot at it I think I would go for a mindblowing Japanese ( yes Japanese ) racing bike from the mid eighties, the Honda RC 30. In fact I should say Honda VFR750R, with "RC 30" being the frame designation. This motorcycles was first released to the Japanese market in 1987, then the US in 1990. It was a fully faired racing bike created for homologation purposes for the World Superbike Championships by Honda Racing Corporation ( HRC )You can find more info on this model on Wikipedia.

Buying one today will not be easy but it is possible. You can even find them brand new, stored in a conditioned room. In fact there is one for sale on Ebay for only £39,995.00. It's one of the last 100 that were produced for the UK. So I suggest you take it and store it in your living room. Imagine the look in your best friends eyes when inviting them for dinner. No need for expensive art in your house that nobody really likes or can enjoy. Here the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-VFR-750-R-K-RC30-NEW-UN-USED-/281124747854

But this is not the only good news I have for you all. In fact I wanted to talk you about the crazy idea the guys from "Moto journal" had some years ago. They came up with the idea to participate with a 20-year old RC 30 to the 2009 endurance race "Les 24 heures du Mans". What you will see in these 3 video's I saved for you guys is really too crazy and also incredibly funny. Believe me, these guys know what a real challenge means.

Les 24 Heures du Mans 2009 en Honda RC 30 - part 1

Les 24 heures du Mans 2009 en Honda RC 30 - part 2

Les 24 Heures du Mans 2009 en Honda RC 30 - part 3

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  1. Champion, nen RC30 voor 39990??? ik zal er U één aan de hand doen voor een pak minder.
    Als ge nog eens de moto van het jaar kiest: doe eens een vergelijking misschien:
    Honda RC 30 vs Yamaha 0W01 (die echt exclusief is)
    of Honda RC45 of SP1 vs Yamaha 0W02 (R7)
    Echte superbikes!
    by the way the Honda RC30 heeft vorig jaar nog in Chimay gewonnen in de Classic championship. De piloot (mijn collega) heeft zich dit weekend dood gereden in Chimay...
    greetz Tom