Thursday, July 16, 2015

Those were the days....

There was a time when cycling was a heroic sport with great stories and great personalities. I really miss guys like VDB, Jan Ullrich, lance Armstrong, Miguel Indurain, Luis Herrera, Greg lemond, Marco Pantani and all the others. Today cycling is science and it's super boring. All my respect for a guy like Chris Froome and the offers he is bringing but seeing the guy on the podium makes me so sad. Where is the time when VDB was doing all that crazy stuff in the Vuelta, escaping his hotel to meet with Sarah Pinacci? Where are the days when Jan Ullrich wore that superb Bianchi jersey trying to beat Lance Armstrong in de TDF of 2003? Where is the time that Campagnolo had that fabulous Record 10-speed groupset that worked like a Swiss watch?

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