Saturday, July 18, 2015

Great bike collection

Once and a while I meet people with a great watch collection. Same goes for bicycles. Some guys have a fabulous collection with bikes that are not just show pieces but that are used in daily hardcore cycling battles in extreme conditions. Tom Van Assche, once one of Belgium biggest cycling prodigies ( next to VDB and Tim Wellens ) has one of the best bicycle collections. Unfortunately a terrible accident endend prematurely a very promising cycling career.

1. Specialized Allez Smartweld (alu) /+ Enve 3.4
2. Specialized Tarmac Dura ace Di2 +Roval 60
3. Litespeed Xicon (6.6kg)
4. Cervelo R3 lim.edition superlight (5,5kg)
5. Cervelo SLC-SL +enve 6.7

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