Friday, May 15, 2015

Under the radar....

Heuer Autavia watches are very hot the last 6 months. Every 1163 model is getting crazy expensive. So people start looking for reasonable priced Autavia 11630's, making these more expensive etc...

An Autavia that is still flying very much under the radar is the 11063 MH. I find it difficult to understand why the Diver 100 is so expensive and this 11063 MH so cheap. In fact both are very similar watches. But the Diver 100 just has that mythical status.

You have to like the big 11063 cases. I really love them. On the wrist I find them very similar to a Rolex Sea-dweller, pretty thick case, fabulous cool look. They look great with a rubber divers strap or even a Nato strap. I wear mine with a Bulang Pebble strap.

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