Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today legendary watch collector _cueuecumber_ posted some fabulous Heuer and Omega watches on Instagram with the message that he is thinking of selling some of them to consolidate his collection.

So up for sale are an Heuer Dark Lord ( = Black pvd Monaco, ref. 74033N ), an Heuer Monaco 1133B, an Heuer Orvis Solunagraph, an Heuer Autavia 3646 with Tachy Scale on the dial, a JLC Polaris Tropical, and many others...

So I emailed jOhnnycache to find out what price he would sell the Autavia 3646 Tachy scale for. I always loved that watch, it has a great dial and is really very rare. It's considered as one of the rarest Autavia's. And I have one in my collection. Out of respect for the guy I will not reveal his asking price but I can tell you it's a lot.

So here some pictures of the watches the guy is selling and another picture of my Autavia 3646 "Tachy".

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