Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heuer Camaro 73343T

I like to inform my readers on the latest trends I see in the world of vintage watches. Some models get stuck in a downtrend. It's difficult to explain how that happens. I have seen it happen with the three vintage Heuer Silverstone references; supernice watches but prices are down. Other models suddenly become very hot, it's the case with the Heuer Autavia 2246 "Jochen Rindt". Everybody is looking for one; prices are through the roof. Ok, the watch has a clear link with racing, so prices going up makes sense. On the other hand the Silverstone also has that link.

Another model that is in an uptrend is the Heuer Camaro. My impression is that this model always missed the true Heuer essence; it was never considered a true Heuer watch. That is changing now and very fast, believe me. The watch has a lot going for it: super sweet "cushion-shape" case, perfect 38mm size which makes it very comfortable to wear, very elegant lugs, pushers and crown on the right side and some fantastic dial combinations. Very sought after are of course the panda dial and reverse panda dial combinations. Best model without any doubt is the 7220 NT: black dial, one white sudial hand, two orange subdial hands, a red chronograph hand and an orange Tachy scale on the dialIt sounds crazy, it looks fabulous! I also like those with black dials going "tropical". Check out this great review on the Camaro models, very interesting: ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE HEUER CAMARO

Anyway, I decided to go for one, took this NOS 73343T with Valjoux 7733 movement and original Gf bracelet ( dated 3,1968 ). I love it, the dial is the best silver dial I have ever seen. For your info, lugwidth on these Camaro's is 19mm. So to have a Gf that fits you need the HLA endlinks.

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