Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Franken Diver 100 / step 1

I bought this watch on ebay. It's supposed to be an Autavia Diver 100 which is a very rare and expensive watch. But it's not a Diver 100, that's why I call it a Franken Diver 100. It has the wrong case, 11630 instead of the much thicker 11063v; the hands are wrong ( should have the Mercedes style hands ); incorrect crown; some of the lume dots missing; chrono not working properly, etc. In short, a great watch and I really love it. I cannot tell why but I like the scratched crystal, the green hands and the Diver 100 dial with two missing lume dots.

Of course I will try to bring the watch back to its original configuration; in the meantime I'll enjoy having it on my wrist in this cool messed up condition.

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