Monday, December 29, 2014

Heuer Autavia 11063 golden subdials and stardust dial

Just had a visit from the UPS guy to deliver my lastest Heuer find. I wasn't expecting too much of this watch, an Autavia 11063 MH. Normally this watch has a black dial and dark grey subdials, really nothing special. The watch was for sale on and nobody seemed to notice it. I saw the potential of the case that seemed almost NOS, so I took it for a very good price. 

When I opened the box I was in for a very nice surprise. Not only is the case really mint but the dial and subregisters went through a very strange chemical process over the years. The result of that is just fabulous and makes this piece really unique. The dial turned into a so-called "spotted dial" and the grey colour of the subdials changed into a gold colour that looks even better than the tropical look.

Enjoy the pictures.

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