Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cool watches, great investment.....

I never buy a watch I don't like. I try to resist modern watches I like but will never get any collectors value. I walk away when a watch has three issues or more. I stay away from aftermarket or service parts. I have been there but it's not the right way. Don't work with WTB's ( want to buy adds ). You will attract scammers and otherwise you will pay too much. Focus on adds with bad pictures but where your feeling says the watch might have potential. Try to look for watches with issues that can be fixed very easy. I like watches with bad lume on the dial and hands since I work with the best relumer in the world. I buy watches in Hong Kong which means I need to have contacts there that I can trust. So go where nobody wants to go and stay away where everybody wants to be. In the world of finance they would say you have to be a contrarian investor. Try to be a contrarian collector.

I really believe that the right vintage watches from brands like Rolex, Omega, Heuer ( forget TAG ), Zenith, Jaeger LeCoultre, Universal Genève and Tudor are the best investment there is. Try to go for the models made between 1960 and 1985. To understand which models that you need you will have to do some studying. I cannot tell everyting. Start focussing on one or two models every brand is associated with. I give some examples. You say Rolex, I say Submariner, James Bond, Robert Redfort, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, etc. You say Omega, I say Speedmaster, first watch on the moon, Apollo 13. You say Heuer, I say Autavia, Jo Siffert, Jochen Rindt, Jacques Heuer, 24 heures of Le Mans. You say Universal Genève and I say Nina Rindt with her beautiful Compax Chronograph. So go for cult watches and try to know them well. The more you know the better it is. And there is a lot to know, believe me.

And at last, sport model watches always do well. Don't forget that the size of watch is important. Too small will not sell, too big ( 44mm and more ) is something that will not last. Ideal size is between 38mm and 42mm. Don't forget the movement of a watch which is very important. Watches with legendary movements like the Omega calibre 321 will add value.

Here a picture of two good watches to have, good model, right year, fantastic movement, right 40mm size, nice 25-127 cyclops plexi.

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