Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can't resist them...

I just cannot resist buying Heuer Autavia 1163 Viceroy's. Every time I see a nice one for sale I need to have it. So I just added these two new ones to my Viceroy collection. I prefer not telling how many of these I bought in the last 12 months. One came from Sweden and the other from Dubai. Both are the real Viceroy promotion 1163's with the "1163" modelnumber and the "V"( meaning it is the watch that was produced as a result of the agreement between Heuer and the Viceroy cigarette brand ) between te lugs. The one that came from Sweden has a very high serial number 339xxx. Some other OTD members confirmed that this high serial number is perfectly ok and that is also what this great article from Mark Moss tells us.

Interesting to note is that these later Viceroy's all seem to have thinner cases and different casebacks, identical to casebacks of the 11630 model ( thanks Abel ). I don't know exactly starting from which serialnumber the Viceroy's got those thinner cases. I just know my two latest ( serial 274xxx and 339xxx ) have them. 

When buying these Viceroy's I always try to look for those with an untouched case, a nice dial and original hands. Scratches in the plexy are really not a problem for me since these plexy's get scratches very easily. Worst scenario is a bad case polish with the upper of the case all shiny and the edges completely gone. I have seen those and that is really terrible; value of such a watch is really almost zero ( unless you want to use some of the the parts for another watch ).

One exception to that "untouched" case condition is a case refurbishment done by Abel Court. He can make a badly abused ( original ) case look like almost new. I have seen many case refurbs done by him and those all look fantastic. He is able to restore that original sunburst look and make the edges look very sharp again. So you go for a completely untouched case watch ( even if it has plenty of little scratches ) or you buy an Abel Court watch ( as I like to call them ).

Here some pics of my latest Vics:

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