Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leftover "Viceroy" Sold in 1974, for $88

Jeff Stein himself put this great topic on Chronotrader forum about one of my latest Heuer Autavia Viceroy barn finds. I bought this fantastic "full set" Heuer Autavia 1163v in the US. Lanny Epperson was so kind to help me getting it since the seller only wanted to sell the watch in the US ( it's not American, mate! ). Watch came with original red Heuer box, purchase receipt and some instruction papers. I received it, cleaned it, put it up for sale on and it sold in the blink of an eye. I said it before and I will keep saying it, the 1163's are the best Heuer watches to buy. Especially the 1163 Viceroy colours are great, still affordable and such great looking watches. Also said this before, the 1163 Siffert doesn't look better, is way more expensive and everybody wants it because everybody wants it. For me the early 1163MH ridged markers, Viceroy colours ( serial 141xxx ) is way cooler than a mark6 Siffert. But everybody wants that Siffert, that in fact has little to do with my friend Jo Siffert.

But ok, if nobody wants to listen, there still is Jeffs' topic:

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