Sunday, May 18, 2014

I am just loving these 88 USD Heuer Viceroy watches

The sixties Heuer Autavia's are very popular among collectors these days. I don't know why but I prefer some of the seventy Autavia's. Recently I developed special feelings for the Autavia Viceroy models. The Autavia 1163v ( this model number with the "v" can be found between the lugs of the watch ) was part of an Heuer marketing campaign for Viceroy cigarettes. You just had to send the end of a cigarette carton and 88 USD to buy the watch that normally sold at 200 USD. Man, if only we could get back to those days. No doubt I would start smoking Viceroy cigarettes. 

At the time of the Viceroy campaign Heuer was already selling the Autavia 1163, so that watch is now being called the pre-Viceroy. It's exactly the same watch, only the movement is a calibre 11-i ( improved version of the calibre 11 ). Between the lugs you'll only find 1163 without the "v" and since the watch didn't sell in the same number as the Viceroy did it is a bit harder to find. I like to wear my Viceroy's with the fantastic black rally straps, Giuliano is making me. Also not bad with the brown Bulang and sons "Diablo's".

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