Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The legend of Stan Smith.....

Showed my new over the top John McEnroe Nike tennisshoes to my good friend Stefan Janssens, mastermechanic at Baik Cannondale conceptstore. He used to be one of the better Belgian tennisplayers back in the eighties when a terrible KTM motorcycle accident ruined al his hopes for glory at Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the other major tournements. Not very impressed with my Nikes he started talking me about his old friend Stan Smith. They used to hang out a lot, do some skating in California USA and above anything else drinking beer and cheap wiskey. Didn't believe much of his stories anyway since Stefan is not even 40 and good old Stan must be nearly 103 years old. And what's more, can you imagine Stan Smith, legendary tennisplayer, doing some skateboarding tricks? Think not, Stefan, you big fat ugly liar! To prove the authenticity of this crazy story he comes up with this even more unbelievable video. Watch and enjoy!

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