Monday, March 03, 2014

Making a Passoni

Discussing bicycles with friends is a difficult task for me. The fact that Tom Boonen is riding a Specialized Tarmac S-works SL4 doesn't necessary mean that Specialized makes the best road cycling bikes. It just means they got the money making sure the best pro riders have to ride their bikes. So it's all a matter of marketing and money. And even if the SL4 would be the best bike for Tom Boonen doesn't mean it's the best bike for you. In fact it's almost certain it isn't. It's extremely stiff and you don't have the legs for it. Brands are always focussing on the stifness to weight ratio and that ratio is great for powerfull riders but not for average riders ( we hate to admitt we are ). It even isn't for very good climbers. 

Remains the ultimate question: What company makes the best road cycling bikes? Could have been a difficult question but in fact it's not. There is no discussion possible. It's not Colnago, not Pinarello, certainly not Trek, forget Cannondale ( used to make great aluminium bikes but those days are gone ) and don't come up with Litespeed ( history that company! ). It's a little Italian company that makes amazing titanium bikes, named Passoni. The name says it all. Look at the fabrication process and you will be convinced. Frames don't come cheap, but hey handbuilt quality is never cheap. One major mistake though, not putting a Chris King bottom bracket is unforgivable. Enjoy!

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