Monday, June 22, 2015

Heuer Audi Sport 510.533 " Walter Röhrl "

Once and a while you get the chance to buy a truly exceptional watch. I have learned over the years that if that happens you better not worry too much about the price. Of course the price is high, it always is, but then once you see the watch in the flesh you realize that you did the right thing. That buying was the only way to go.

I had one before but I only started understanding what a fantastic timepiece it is when I didn't have it anymore. It's always like that in life. But ok, I got another chance and I took it. The watch is 100% NOS, and I know that when people use that word it's 80% in the best case scenario. This Audi Sport has never been worn. NEVER. It comes with everything: the two outer boxes, the blue box with the correct blue watch holder, the warranty booklet, the instruction booklet and the original ( and never worn ) bracelet. I also have the eighties magazine with the original ad for the watch in it. So it doesn't come any better than this.

We can assume that the watch was an Audi Sport team issue only and that a very limited number of watches were offered as an optional extra if you bought the very expensive road version of the famous Group B Audi rally car.

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