Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Auricoste Spirotechnique dial in Zodiac Professional 200m watch.....

Sometimes people do create fabulous "Franken" watches. I bought this watch from Guillaume who had a moment of genius when he put this incredible Auricoste Spirotechnique dial in a Zodiac Prof 200 meters. Both watches shared to same case but the Auricoste dial is just so freaking cool it's difficult to believe that nobody else came up with this great idea. The only thing I can think of is that when you have the Auricoste dial it's because you have the whole watch. Makes sense.

I must say I really, really like this watch. The blue Auricoste name at 12 o'clock, the golden Spirotechnoque name and descending diver, it's just the best dial you can imagine. Great bonus is that I bought this watch with the original Zodiac dial, also in great condition. So in fact I bought two watches for the price of one. Sometimes life is beautiful.

If you want to know more on the Spirotechnique story: http://www.calibre11.com/heuer-1000m-spirotechnique/

"La Spirotechnique is a French company founded in 1947 to develop the Aqua-Lung regulator developed by Jacques Cousteau, who was also a Board member of Spirotechnique. While the main focus of Spirotechnique was high-end diving equipment, there has been a long line of watches with the Spirotechnique logo that were co-branded with watch companies and sold by Spirotechnique, including Dodane, Squale and Doxa. As well as being a supplier to professional divers, Spirotechnique also supplied equipment, including watches, to the French Army and Navy."

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