Friday, March 27, 2015

Heuer Monza ref. 150.501 "racing mate" dial

"Racing Mate was a racing accessory company founded by Japanese race car drivers Soukichi Shikiba and Tokudaiji Aritsune. The company’s distinctive green and white yotsuba (four-leaf clover in Japanese) logo was a constant sight on Nihon race cars throughout the 1960s and 70s."

"Racing Mate’s main products were items like racing suits, helmets, and driving gloves. Many of Japan’s most famous drivers, such as Tetsu Ikusawa and Tojiro Ukiya, rocked the clover behind the wheel."

"Eventually Racing Mate branched out to performance parts, as shown in this vintage ad for a “sports kit” to modify a Honda N360. They also had their own brand of lubricants, known as Phantom Oil."

"One of the most expensive Racing Mate items ever made was the black pvd Heuer Monza ref. 150.501 wristwatch. The logo evolved into a sleeker design for the 80s, but today that version is rarely seen. The green and white yotsuba, however, can still be found on nostalgic cars all over Japan."

Info from; best website on Japanese classic cars.

Ok, let's talk about the watch. It was sold in 2014 by Jack Road, a cult watch shop in Tokyo, after spending its entire life in a bank vault. The watch is literally in New Old Stock condition. Considering how little of these "Racing mate" Monza's ref 150.501 were made I think it's not exaggerated to say that this watch is probably the best and rarest black pvd Monza out there. Also considering that the black pvd coating on these vintage watches is extremely easy to scratch finding one in NOS condition is almost impossible.

Enjoy the beauty of this superb watch with great racing history.

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