Tuesday, December 09, 2014

There is a great disturbance in the Force....

Beginning of this year I sold my Rolex sub 5513 on Vintage Rolex Market thinking I was making a great deal. Today that decision turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes in my watch collecting carreer. Prices of the reference 5513 have gone up very fast in a couple of months. Seems to me that the ref 1680 is slowing down a bit and that everyone is on the hunt for the good 5513's. I am pretty sure that my little pre-Comex would sell today for at least 1500 euros more.

The low serial 5513's are becoming too expensive in my opinion and what has been happening with the 1680 reference is now happening with the 5513. People start collecting the mid eighties models with the white gold surrounds. So with the 1680 becoming too expensive collectors started looking for the nice transitional refs 16800 and 168000. Same thing is happening with the 5513. Reference hasn't changed but focus is shifting from the 5112 and 5513 without golden surrounds to the 5513 with the marker surrrounds. Try to look for those with nice coffee with milk markers, not too white and not too yellow. Just right.

I just bought this 9,4 mil in Hong Kong with the best patina I have ever seen on a 5513 and with a dome plexi. That is a nice bonus and makes it possible to create fantastic photo effects.

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