Sunday, November 30, 2014

100% original Heuer Autavia 1163v

When buying any Heuer Autavia 1163 it's essential that you buy only those that are completely original. This means that the dial and hands better be not relumed, that crown, plexi and bezel are no aftermarket parts and even more important that the case has not been polished and still has its original surnburst graining. Good to know is that the edge of the case needs to be razor sharp ( look at the second picture to understand ). If those edges are polished away and you can't see the typical graining in the upper case just walk away. Finally look between the lugs of the case to see if the model number and the serial number are still visible. If you can't find them, same reflex, just walk away. Finally the bezel? Tachymeter or M/H bezel? For me that is not important. Most important is the condition. The rules for an 1163 bezel are not the same as for a vintage Rolex Submariner bezel. It just needs to be good, if it isn't you will have to change it and that will cost you. So use that in your negociations.

This 1163v "Viceroy" has all what I am looking for when I am buying an Autavia 1163. Case has some minor hairscratches but is completely untouched. It's an all original watch that hasn't been in a vault for 40 years but that still is in an amazing condition. Dial and hands are just perfect with the subdials retaining their original bright white colour.
Serial: 277xxx
Movement: calibre 12
Schmitz case

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