Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Heuer Autavia Diver 100

"Like many things to do with Heuer watches from the early 1980s, the story of the Autavia Diver 100 is hard to untangle. The watch is from the last of the Autavia range- the 11063V- with its distinctive over-sized case and heavily scalloped bezel. Today the watch is second only to the Chronomatic Siffert Autavia in terms of value and scarcity." This is what David Chalmers from thinks of this amazing diver watch from Heuer. 

I had been looking for this watch for a quite a while and thanks to one of my good contacts in the heuer community I finally could get my hands on one. I got it with the original Heuer signed bracelet and with two bezels: the Rolex style bezel that is the right one for this watch and the fantastic decomp bezel. In fact there are different opinions on this 11063 decomp bezel and I don't know what to believe. Some say the bezel was meant for an Autavia Diver that never saw the light of day. I just know the watch looks amazing with both.

In my opinion this watch is a true divers watch; it's heavy, has a pretty thick case ( even thicker than my Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 case ) and the bezel works very well ( unidirectionel with a very firm and crisp clicking ). It's hard to explain but this big and very thick watch sits amazingly well on my small wrist. It's a comment I heard before.

Enjoy the pictures of this amazing Heuer timepiece.

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  1. Great watch. Would like to buy one!