Monday, September 01, 2014

" The dark side "

Most Heuer collectors refer to the Rolex brand as "the dark side", suggesting that when you buy a Rolex watch you have sold your soul to the devil. I like these kind of silly inside jokes. Certainly when you start to know the real Heuer aficionados better and you quickly understand that they all have at least one or two Rolex watches themselves.

And let's be honest about it, Rolex has made some fantastic timepieces in its long history. Just think of the great Submariner 5512 and 5513, the Submariner 1680 Red, the different Daytona's like the ref.6239, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264 and 6265, the vintage Milgauss and so on. There is no doubt that Heuer and Rolex came up with the best watches ever made.

Today I wanted to tell you about a very simple Rolex that still is very affordable, looks really great, can be used on a daily basis as a true "tool"-watch and has all the potential to become much more expensive in the years to come. It's the transitional Rolex Submariner 16800.

I received this watch last week and I must admit it has been on my wrist since. It's a watch that makes me smile every time I look at it, it's just such a beauty. This one is a 1984 and has the tritium glossy dial with white gold surrounds. The dial on this watch has aged nicely and is extremely clean with a beautiful "coffee with milk" patina that matches the hands. When I received the watch I opened the divers' extension and underneath I found the typical dirt ( a dried mixture of sand and seawater ) you find on Rolex watches that have been used regulary for diving. The case is completely untouched, the bracelet has that nice brushed effect from daily use and still the dial, crystal and hands are just perfect. No corrosions at all! This just shows how good these Rolex diver watches really are. It's a 30 year old watch, probaly used on a daily basis that also has seen quite a lot of seawater and it's just in perfect condition and looks amazing. This to me is the essence of a watch. Let's not forget that wristwatches were made to be used as a tool. So to be honest, I don't understand collectors keeping their watches in a bank safe. Well, in fact I do, but a watch was never meant to spend a lifetime in a vault.

But let's get back to my Submariner 16800. Here some pictures of it and just get yourself one. Let me know if you need some advice on where to find one.

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