Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Heuer Audi Sport 510.533

"When only two or three people on the planet are able to drive this car, it's maybe not a good idea." That's what Walter Röhrl has to say about Stig Blomqvists Audi WRC-winning A2 Quattro from 1984 before taking it for a little spin on the col de TURINI in snowy conditions.

I really like that way of saying things. In 1986, just before Audi stopped participating in the WRC, Röhrls Quattro had 600 pk. Today it's still in the books as the strongest rallycar of all times. And when that same Röhrl is saying that he never got scared by that monster, you get the picture. Great guys, the rally drivers from the eighties. It's like when Ari Vatanen is saying today that his life will never be the same as when he was driving those Group-B rally cars. Fantastic, isn't it.

It is in the same spirit you have to approach this superb Heuer Audi Sport 510.533. To know more about the watch you can read Stewart Morley's review on it:
In short this watch is a bit of a mistery; nobody really knows how many were made. The best guess is that this watch was offered as an extra if you bought the very expensive road version of the Group-B Audi rally car.

Enjoy the pictures of the watch and that great Audi A2 Quattro. 

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