Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another crime....

Just committed another crime to the Heuer heritage. Put a decompression bezel insert on a silver dial Heuer Autavia 11630MH ( MH for Minutes / Hour bezel ) and you get this "Franken" ( derived from Frankenstein ) Heuer. Seems I can get away with this crime. The Heuer community is such a nice family of open-minded, intelligent an forgiving people. They can even live with guys putting green Rolex "Hulk" inserts on Heuer divers. They smile and go on with their lives. Not the serious kind of people some Rolex die-hards are.

Anyway, this Heuer 11630 silver dial "Plongeur" was never made. But they should have in my humble opinion. I just made an incredible watch in every way. It's so cool I can't sleep at night, so I sleep at work. The watch makes a connection between two completely different worlds: the world of professional diving and the world of professional racing. The crazy Comex guys ( Compagnie Maritime d'Expertise ) meeting the even more crazy racing drivers like Jo Siffert, Clay Regazzoni, James Hunt and all my other heroes. So there is no doubt that our friend Jo would have approved, he would have had dozens of this watch in the trunk of his old Lotus selling it to every lunatic, driving Formule 1 cars in the seventies. So it's such a pitty old Jack didn't come up with this briljant idea!

Approved by Jo Siffert,

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