Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heuer Montréal 110.503W meets Bulang and sons

Bought this amazing white dial Heuer Montréal from the master himself and put it on this state of the art Bulang and sons "diablo" leather strap. This combination is so beautiful you can ask yourself why bother paying 10k for an Autavia Jo Siffert. Is that a better looking watch? In my opinion it's not. For me a 2k Autavia 1163 Viceroy is as good looking as the Siffert. Ok, the Siffert has the legend. I agree. Anyway, this Montréal is a stunner, it's scarce and it's still rather affordable. That might change. I have the impression that prices of some Heuer models are going up very fast. I think that the Montréal is closing the gap on the more popular models. The strap is a Bulang and sons "diablo" and let's be honest, it's impossible to find a leather strap that is better than this. Look at that brown/black fading to some reddish colour toward the edges. Look at the stitches matching great with the colour of the dial. Here's the watch of the month:

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