Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Investment tip of the month

You have 10k to spend. Good for you and I can help.
Just look for a 1971 Heuer Monaco 1133G; the watch has a grey dial ( G for "grey" ) and black or grey subdials. Those subdials can be either "sunken" or "painted" on the main dial. Keep focused. You go for the 1133G ( not the 1133B, Steve McQueen version, overrated, too expensive and too "in your face" ). In that 1133G you take the black subdials ( nicer contrast with main dial ) and if possible the painted subs version. That one seems to be even more rare than the one with the "sunken" ( = subs beneath main dial ).

Why is this a good investement? Ok, good question. First of all the original Heuer Monaco 1133 ( the seventies Monaco, no talking about the ugly Tag Heuer re-edition Monaco's! ) is a rare watch. These days everybody is looking for a Rolex Red Sub. Is that a rare watch? Believe me, it is NOT! People are paying crazy money for that watch. Ok, the "submariner" in red on the dial is nice, but again, the watch is not rare at all. 

The Heuer Monaco 1133G is a fantastic and iconic design watch. Think of the link with racing, think of Le Mans, think of Jo Siffert and Steve McQueen ( although Steve was wearing the 1133B in the movie; he took what was given to him by Jack; I am sure he liked the 1133G more ).

And what's even better is that many of the 70's Monaco's got damaged by a gasket problem. Not many people are aware of this. So I am telling you, you have to buy an Heuer Monaco 1133G right now. Don't wait another year or two. Prices will have doubled.

Here is the watch I am talking about:

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