Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heuer Montreal 110.503B in a bit of a poor state

Yesterday was a great day. After a day of teaching the basic priciples of economics to a bunch of 17-year old students finding their newest smartphone toys far much more interesting than John Maynard Keynes, my newest watch was delivered by FedEx.

I think I was never more happy with a watch in this poor state. It just looks terrible with a crystal that must have been in several conflict zones and a case that served a terrorist purpose. But at the same time it just looks fantastic, superb blue dial with white subregisters and nice red accents and near mint hands. The case is still unpolished and the thickness of it makes it sit very high on your wrist. With an even greater NSA bracelet you feel yourself projected back into the seventies. I shortened the bracelet with my specialist Bergeon watch tools, put it on my wrist and now I just do not want to take it of. The fact the watch is in such a rough condition only adds to its history, making it such a cool piece to wear.

The watch belonged to a German engineer who bought it new in 72, had it on his wrist for years and then forgot about it. It will be serviced by Abel Court who will do his magic making the watch look like new. Until then it will be on my wrist, looking wild and untamed. Enjoy the pics.

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