Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great diver at a fantastic price....

Here as promised a picture of my 844 Strato "Monnin" divers watch. Watch made the whole trip from Norway to my place. Thanks Jarl. 

Like I posted earlier it seems that G. Monnin not only delivered this great diver to Jack Heuer but also to mainly French watch companies. I did some research on this matter and found pictures of this 844 Françe Ebauche ( not Felsa ) on watches with names like Le Cheminant ( french for The Wanderer, great name ), Edma, Bessa, Claude Lellouche, Rof and Alfex. All the watches look exactly the same: same case, same movement, bezel, caseback, etc. Only hands can be different.

It seems that I can't find another 844 Strato like mine. Could that mean I am the owner of the only still existing 844 Strato Monnin? :)

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